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High Risk Merchant Service

1) What separates you from the others?

Many processors want to look into the life of the business, and give full analysis before making a decision. We know the market. We enable a company to get up and running much quicker than anyone else. We also have 24 hour or less payout for qualified applications. That means if you charge a card in the morning, the funds will be in your account before the evening! 99.8% Acceptance!

2) I have gotten ripped off from other processors. How can you assure me that won't happen?

First and foremost, you are entered a contract with a US based company, not a processor in a country you have never heard of before. We do all of our own underwriting AND lending.

3) We do a lot of volume and require integration, can you do this?

Yes. We have an extremely talented team of software developers ready to take on work from new customers. We have produced many of the cutting edge charging facilities that exist today.

High Risk merchants are service providers with business that have a high turnover, an increased risk of fraud, and high credit rate. It is hard to find a merchant account provider that will accept just any High Risk merchant, merchants who run High Risk businesses have a hard time with finding credit card processing.

High Volume Merchant Solutions is a leader in providing High Risk and low risk merchant account alternatives for businesses throughout the world. Our payment processing solutions can be as much as 50% cheaper than credit card processing. These solutions are ideal for virtually any type of business. We have partnered with service providers around the world to provide the best merchant account alternatives for High Risk and low risk businesses. Our international gateway can accept payments from any country.

Merchants such as travel, adult, adult internet, and collection services, among others are considered to be High Risk.

  • All business types welcomed!
  • Swift and Easy application process!
  • 99.8 % approval rating!
  • Onshore and offshore check processing available!
  • World class customer service!
  • Accept check at a cheaper rate than credit cards!

Our High Risk merchant account solutions are simple and we welcome all merchants. We provide all kind of High Risk merchant accounts because we know how difficult it is to start a business that is High Risk and to build a reliable mutual relationship between the business and the provider. We are here to help your business rise.

International Merchant Accounts

If you need a International, Offshore, or even a Canadian merchant account we are the provider for you. If you need to process in a foreign currency, our gateway is what will make the connection between you and your international merchant account.

We deal with many Offshore and High Risk merchant accounts. We also offer Canadian merchant accounts and are available to the Canadian Market.

Merchant Setup

  • What are merchant accounts?

    Merchant accounts allow businesses to process credit cards and other forms of payment whether they are online, wireless, or retail.

  • Are all businesses accepted?

    We accept all high-risk businesses. We have both domestic and offshore merchant services available.

  • Will I be able to be approved with a bad credit history?

    You can still be approved regardless of credit history.

  • How long will I have to wait to be approved?

    Within 48 hours your company can be pre-approved.

  • Is a new bank account required?

    You do not need to if you already have a business account.

  • Do you include customer support?

    We have a toll-free support line that runs 24/7.

  • How will I obtain my funds?

    Every credit card sale gets directly deposited into your bank account and usually becomes available within two business days. High risk accounts may have to wait longer.

  • How do I decide what tools are beneficial for my business?

    Call us and we will help you decide what products will best help your business.   We have direct relationships with many banks around the world, so that we can find the best solution for your business.  The good news is that you only need to fill out the application once, since all the banks we work with, will accept it.

  • What are charge backs?

    Charge backs are customer disputes to transactions. When a customer wants to receive a refund, we immediately contact you to help find a solution.


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