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We use an NMI, USAEpay or gateway. We can fully integrate with any API. One of our key products, are integrating into any online shopping cart system or telemarketing equipment.

Our gateway processors allow us to take cards in high volume and integrate with complex software for the quickest response time and payout available on the market today!

Even if you've been declined for a merchant account somewhere else and do not have the ability for credit card processing High Volume Merchant Solutions can help you get a merchant account and accept credit cards!

Internet Commerce Merchants
We are a world leading consultant group for hard to acquire and low risk merchants. We specialize in hard to acquire accounts, and merchants looking for a service above the normal offerings from traditional merchant accounts.

Our PCI Compliant Gateway Features & Benefits

MOTO - Mail Order/Telephone Order Merchants
Merchants accepting transactions through mail order/telephone order, telemarketing and direct mail campaigns.

High Risk Merchant Solutions's goal is to provide the most versatile payment methods at the lowest rates, in quick and efficient, on-line process. Personalized service has always been our hallmark. We specialize in credit accounts, international merchant accounts, high, medium and low-risk accounts and check processing (eChecks, ACH or Demand Draft).

No matter what the economy is like, people love the convenience of using their credit cards. So do banks. Non-cash transactions amount to a multi-trillion dollar industry. In fact, over 75 percent of most merchants' businesses involve credit cards. This means that business opportunities are everywhere. High Volume Merchant Solutions has the ability to place any type of credit card processing opportunity, whether it is retail, mail order, telephone order, or e-commerce / Internet.

There are millions of customers in the USA that are considered un-bankable. This means that they dont have the credit necessary to have a credit card issued to them, which presents a serious payment issue. By turning away millions of potential customers, your bottom line suffers. The mission of High Risk Merchant Gateway is to find methods for increasing current payment options, including visa and mc credit cards, visa debit cards, checks (eChecks, ACH or Demand Draft) and allow you to accept payment from those without credit.

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