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Merchant Account for Timeshares, Advertising & Resale

Merchant Account Services for Your Company

Electronic commerce (commonly referred to as ecommerce) utilizes computer networks like the internet to facilitate trades and transactions. Recently, ecommerce has surged in popularity thanks to a myriad of reasons. The chief reason is that not only has ecommerce significantly reduced the time it takes for transactions to be completed, but it is also more reliable than the traditional way of striking deals. Another reason for the popularity of ecommerce is that it is incredibly safe when compared to the conventional method. Now traders can transfer large sums of money from their account to the accounts of their trade partners and wrap up complicated deals within seconds. Due to all these reasons, more and more people are using ecommerce to conduct business online. This has forced the hand of all businesses as now they must be ecommerce friendly or run the risk of losing a chunk of their clients to their direct rivals. The easiest way for new startups to become ecommerce friendly is to get a merchant account.

Even though it may sound relatively easy at first, setting up a merchant account can be one of the most painstaking tasks that your business has to deal with. You can think of a merchant account as a method of accepting funds from your clients via debit and credit cards. As a majority of payments these days are made using payment cards, all businesses feel the need of operating a merchant account now more than ever.

Merchant accounts are crucial for startups that offer their services in the industry of timeshares, advertising, and resale. As this niche is generally thought of as a 'high-risk' venture, most banks can refuse to hook your business venture with a merchant account. Although it may seem unfair at first, you must understand that it is perfectly within the legal rights of credit card processors like PayPal to accept or reject any application that they desire without justifying their decision. This can prove to be quite disappointing to most timeshares and advertising retailers, so to help these businesses, we have decided to lend our experienced hands to their cause. We make the process of getting a merchant account easier for our clients so that they do not miss out on lucrative deals because they do not accept Visa or MasterCard.

Online Merchants

Setting up a merchant account can be one of the most difficult tasks a newly established organization has to go through. Not only is the application process of getting a merchant account quite complicated, but there's also no guarantee you will be granted a merchant account at the end of your troubles. Prominent credit card providers like PayPal can exercise their right to deny timeshares, advertising, and retail agencies a merchant account without justifying their decision. Granted that these business ventures are high-risk outlets, we believe that that is no reason for you to be deprived of a merchant account. This is why we make sure that you don't lose a significant fraction of your clientele just because you don't accept credit cards by making the process of getting a merchant account as swift as possible.

Another important aspect for your advertising and resale agency to consider is recurring billing. If you have clients that you charge on a monthly or weekly basis for advertising their business, you can use subscription-based billing techniques to automatically bill them. This rids you of the task of making a bill every time you have to charge your regular (or periodic) customers. Hence, recurring billing schemes is an effective way of making your business more convenient.

Retailers operating in the field of timeshares, advertising and resale must also have a potent payment gateway. Your gateway makes it possible for you to receive your payments online from your clients. However, payment gateways and virtual credit card terminals are two separate entities entirely. Your online payment gateway allows your customers' funds to reach your bank's processor, while virtual terminals only permit the merchant (in this case, you) to access their accounts online. Once the merchants have access to their accounts, they must manually enter each credit card transaction for that month. Thus, before you opt for either option, it is important to understand the benefits of both of them.

If you're a timeshares and advertisement resale provider, there are many excellent payment gateway options for you to explore. The best option by far is our High Risk Charge Travel Payments Direct, which is a juggernaut when it comes to providing payment gateways for timeshare resellers.

It is also important for timeshares and advertisement resale providers to consider the pros and cons of offshore and domestic banking options. While most people in the industry opt for domestic banking options as they have lower rates and better banking security, it doesn't automatically mean that this suits your organization. However, your startup business cannot simply discount offshore accounts because they're necessary for specific types of business transactions. Before making a decision, it would be prudent to assess both options and select the one that supports your business model the most.

The industry of timeshares and advertising resale has many complications and subtleties which must be appreciated if your business venture is to ever firmly establish itself in the market. For the future of your organization, it is crucial that you select an option that is well-aware of all the tricks of the trade. We feel that this sets us apart from our rivals. While they charge their clients more for a substandard output, we make sure to put our clients' needs first. There are many timeshares and advertising resale providers on our clientele and they have all benefited from their partnership with our organization. To cut a long story short, if you want to ensure that your firm is all set to capture the industry by storm, we are your only viable option.

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