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Merchant Account for Smoke Shops / Glass Pipes

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Ecommerce makes use of computer networks such as the internet to make transactions possible. In the recent years, it has enjoyed an unparalleled boom in its popularity. This can be chalked down to a number of things such as the speed and reliability of online transactions. Thanks to ecommerce, traders need not worry about carrying huge sums of money to conclude lucrative business deals as they can do just that from the relative comfort of their homes. Thus, it comes as a surprise to no one that every year, more and more people are using ecommerce to conduct business deals.

This rise in the popularity of ecommerce has also led to the increase in the demand for merchant accounts. As all business are expected to be ecommerce friendly, startups that refuse to keep with the times run the risk of losing their clients to their competitors. A merchant account allows traders to accept and access funds transferred to their accounts via debit and credit cards. As most payments made these days are done using payment cards, all startups can feel the need to get a merchant account now more than ever.

The impact of merchant accounts and payment cards is felt by all industries operating in the market. Even if you have a smoke shop that sells nothing but glass pipes, you too can see a substantial rise in your clientele if you make your business ecommerce friendly. However, just because you want a merchant account doesn't automatically warrant you one. The bank usually stops glass pipe providers from getting a merchant account because they view this industry as a high-risk venture. That's why opting for our services can help your business out a lot. We use our knowledge to make sure you are not stopped from getting a merchant just because of the nature of your business and you don't lose clients because you don't accept Visa or MasterCard.

Online Merchants

Setting up a merchant account can be quite difficult for most startups. All smoke shops are required to jump through many legal hoops before they can even be granted a license to sell their product online. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg as many outlets in this industry have reported that credit card processors like PayPal had denied them a merchant account without any justification whatsoever. This can cripple any business, but for ventures like smoke shops (that rely solely on credit card transactions to survive in the industry), it can often be the final nail in their coffins. Therefore, we make sure your startup doesn't suffer a major setback in its initial stages by making the process of getting a merchant account for your firm as swift as possible.

Another reason for your startup to opt for our services is that we know the industry better than our rivals. We have years of experience in the industry, which has led us to claim that you can save a lot of time and energy by using a recurring billing scheme on your firm's website. Subscription-based billing allows you to charge your clients automatically after a preset interval of time. This is ideal for charging for newsletters or membership fees. For smoke shops that sell the same quantity of the same drug to the same clients every month, it makes the transaction very easy to process.

Smoke shops must also entertain the possibility of using multiple underwriting banks. The common stigma associated with using multiple underwriters is that it increases the risk factor. We understand that in an already high-risk industry of selling glass pipes and smoke-related luxury items, it would be senseless for an organization to increase the risk associated with its business. However, we feel we must debunk this urban legend. There is no elevation in risk if you choose multiple underwriters; rather, they might actually reduce the risk level of your business. By using our credit repair services, you can improve your company's image in the industry and reap the benefits in the long run.

Before you can start receiving money online, you are required to set up a payment gateway for your merchant account. Your gateway allows you to receive online payments from your clients. However, one thing that you must understand is the subtle difference between payment gateways and virtual credit card terminals. Your online payment gateway basically makes it possible for your customer's payment to reach the merchant bank's processor, while a virtual credit card terminal is essentially another way of accepting credit cards. Virtual terminals allow the merchant to access their accounts online. From here, they must manually enter every credit card transaction. Before you opt for either option, it is important to understand the benefits of each.

If you have a smoke shop that sells luxury items like glass pipes, there are many great payment gateway options for you to explore. We recommend using us High Risk Charge as they both offer great services. All of our mentioned payment gateway services welcome high-risk ventures and startups with open arms and will help take your newly formed organization to new heights.

Smoke shops can find it difficult to be taken seriously in the market. Even though they have an impressive list of clients (which only increases every year), they are often ridiculed and discounted as being high-risk ventures. We not only have a deep respect for this industry but are also well aware of all the tricks of the trade. This is what sets us apart from our rivals. We always ensure that our clients are prepared to deal with the changes in the market and aren't caught by surprise by unforeseeable circumstances. There are many smoke shops in the world and almost all of them have been forced to use merchant accounts. Hence, it is a necessity of this industry to explore and use these trading options. By opting for our services, you can rest easy knowing that someone is genuinely looking out for your best interests.

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