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Merchant Account for Strip Clubs, Gentlemen’s Clubs and Legal Brothels


Strip clubs and legal brothels find it very difficult to get a merchant account. It's because of the high-risk status associated with this industry and it's not going away anytime soon. Having a merchant account, however, is an essential need for businesses these days, especially the ones that market and operate online.

A good credit processor takes care of your merchant account needs and can help your business prosper. Since there are many merchant accounts available, you'll also want to pick the right one for your business. Many business owners pick the very first credit card processor that is willing to take them without realizing that there are many other and better options available as well.

Denied by Other Credit Card Processors?

It's true that strip clubs and legal brothels are classified as a high-risk industry. This often leads to banks rejecting the applications of business owners in this industry for a merchant account. Many people end up paying high application fees and still get rejected. Being a high-risk industry means that many business owners have to face rejection and afterward, they end up paying a large amount of money in high rates and obnoxious fees. Often, they have to settle for a poor service as well.

This can be avoided if you do your homework and look into several services that offer merchant accounts to high-risk businesses such as strip clubs and legal brothels. There are several good services out there such as this one that will not only accept your application but also provide you with all the services and features you need.

There are many good services available at affordable rates that will offer you all the services you need so that you don't have to pay over the top fees or settle for less.

Risk Analysis of the Strip Club Business

The high-risk status associated with strip clubs and brothels is also common for the escort industry and online dating. One of the reasons is that these businesses are more prone to scam and identity thefts. Fraud is common, and that's why banks prefer to avoid them. Furthermore, the chargebacks by customers are also very common.

Despite all of that, you can still get a good merchant account at an affordable rate because there are specialized services that work with high-risk businesses such as yours.

Online Merchants

Many of the strip clubs, gentlemen's clubs and legal brothels operate online these days, which is much more convenient for customers as well. Bookings and reservations can be made easily using the online services so that the customers are easily facilitated. However, online merchants find it more difficult to get merchant accounts because the high level of risk involved in this type of business, regardless of which business it is. But quality service providers understand the needs and requirements of online merchants and are willing to provide them the best facilities possible.

Type of Merchant Account Required

You do need a merchant account for your strip club business, but are all merchant accounts the same? Yes and no. All merchant accounts serve the same basic purpose i.e. automation of online transactions via virtual terminals, but there are differences in the quality and level of service offered by different processors.

To determine which merchant account is ideal for your brothel business, here are some services and features you should look for.

Merchant accounts often come with an expensive application fee as well as a setup fee for startups, but that doesn't mean you can't find a service that doesn't charge these fees. A service such as this one will provide you with credit processing services without asking for a large application or setup fee.

Good customer support is also essential because you'll be in frequent communication with your service provider and that'll require friendliness and politeness from both sides. Having a good customer support that strives to cooperate and solve your problems will really help your business bloom in the long term.

It's important that you get all the right services including virtual terminals so that your customers can make the payments and you can receive them directly without requiring a card or signature.

In a business such as this, there are many regular customers and frequent visitors, and a good way to make their life easier is to offer them recurring billing so that they can automatically enjoy regular and uninterrupted services instead of having to pay for every visit individually.

Another feature worth having is Android and iOS mobile apps. While this feature isn't offered by all services, it's one that is quickly gaining popularity and in a few years, it'll be an essential one to have.

Chargebacks are a common part of the trade, especially in strip clubs and legal brothels. A good service will understand this and not raise the rates due to a high number of chargebacks.

Domestic and Offshore Options

Many applicants looking for a merchant account have to make the decision between a domestic account and an offshore one. For some businesses, getting an offshore account is the only choice because even the most lenient guidelines can't classify them as low risk. Domestic accounts, however, can be much more convenient and are very secure and available at affordable rates. As far as the offshore options are concerned, the level of service offered is very much the same, but their rates are higher than domestic ones.


You'll prefer to work with a service that has worked with strip clubs and legal brothels, and this particular service has good experience with that. A good merchant account can really aid your business growth and help you build a satisfied clientele which is why this shouldn't be taken lightly and you should look at several options before you find the best one for your business. This service has affordable rates, top quality of service and all the features you need for your business.

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