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Before discussing anything else, let's first talk about why anyone would need a merchant account and what purpose exactly does it serve. How is it any different than other accounts? Merchant account, as the name says, is a specialized account designed for traders and merchants, more specifically, online traders.

A merchant account is a name given to the bundle of services, software, and hardware that it takes to automate the process of accepting credit or debit payments via a virtual terminal without needing a card or signature. It makes online business much more convenient for both the customers and the merchant. The funds are directly transferred to the merchant account via automated credit card processing.

The problem is that getting a merchant account for your business or company is a lot like getting any other service from the bank. Just like the bank rejects loan applications, merchant account applications are rejected frequently. Let's talk more about that.

Denied by Other Credit Card Processors?

Many banking services reject businesses on a regular basis that apply for a merchant account. Why would any bank reject any business? The answer is simple: banks have a set of underwriting guidelines that help them decide which business to approve and which to reject. In simple words, these guidelines are a way to analyze the risk of a particular business or industry before approving or rejecting them.

There are many reasons that can land your business in the high-risk zone and if that happens, your application is most likely to be rejected. If a credit card processor has already denied you, don't worry because there is a solution.

Most of the banks have strict underwriting guidelines, which mean that the number of businesses classified as high risk is very high. So how do all these companies operate? It's unimaginable to think an online business can survive without having a merchant account.

The answer to that question is this service and several others like it. These specialized services deal with high-risk businesses and provide them with merchant accounts and other credit card processing services.

Risk Analysis of the SEO Services Industry

It's true that the online hosting, SEO services, and internet marketing industries are very busy these days, but despite the rush, many new companies are starting and thriving. The reason is that this market is still largely unoccupied, so you can easily get a lot of business even if you start today. The key is to offer good customer service and have the right skills to get the results for your clients.

This is also the reason the SEO and internet marketing industry is deemed high risk. The lack of transparency and the existence of fraudulent companies are not uncommon. Since it's a largely unexploited industry, many scams have appeared, claiming to offer SEO services to startups and growing businesses.

There are only a few number of SEO services that are actually providing good services, so the number of chargebacks is still high in this industry. All these reasons accumulate to give this industry a high-risk rating.

Despite this, it's important to find a good merchant account service as finding the right one is not just profitable but almost essential to doing online business these days. Let's talk more about online business.

Online Merchants

It's not a surprise that most of the trade is being conducted online these days. Not only can you purchase products online on Amazon or eBay, but you can also purchase services, counseling and so much more. Since the internet is where the trade is, businesses need to gain exposure and build audiences to sell their products and services.

This is where SEO and online marketing comes in. It's all about becoming visible to your target audience. No doubt SEO and online marketing can help any business grow its online presence.

This is the importance of trading online and why so many businesses are inclining towards SEO. It’s much easier, cheaper and more effective than paying for advertisements.

Type of Merchant Account Needed

While it's true you need a merchant account if you're running an SEO or online marketing company or starting up one, the fact is that there isn't just one type of merchant account. Different services offer different features, so it's important to know what features you need in your merchant account.

All SEO, online hosting and marketing services are primarily ecommerce businesses. Instead of selling products, they are selling their services online. Therefore, they need to be set up with a virtual shopping cart and other usual ecommerce software, so your service should be able to provide that.

Recurring billing is another service you'll want for the ease of use for your business as well as your customers so that you can automatically charge your regular customers.

Make sure you compare the rates because this will be a long-term investment. Having multiple payment methods will also make doing business with you much more convenient for your customers.

Domestic and Offshore Options

Merchant accounts are available in both domestic and offshore banks. This is a choice that you may have to make when picking a service for your credit card processing services. Domestic options are much more secure, and the rates are usually lower.

However, for some business, getting an offshore account is unavoidable and that's why most high-risk businesses have to select the offshore option.


If you're a startup business dealing in SEO services, web hosting or online marketing services, you'll find it tough to get a merchant account, but this is the right service for you.

Not only do we have experience of dealing with the online marketing industry, but we also understand exactly what you need to survive. Hence, we offer you the complete package with all the right services and features at affordable rates.

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