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Merchant Account for Real Estate and Title Companies


Why do you need a merchant account? Your business needs a merchant account if you want to receive credit or debit card payments directly from your customers. Basically, a merchant account is a complete bundle of services, software, and hardware that will automate the process of accepting credit or debit card information as well as transferring the funds directly to the merchant.

Getting a merchant account for your business is not an easy task as you probably have discovered by now. This task only gets more difficult if you want a merchant account for a business that is deemed as high risk. Needless to say, the real estate market is one of these risky industries.

The list of business types and industries that are considered as risky is getting longer and longer, especially in today's processing world. Real estate companies are deemed high risk mainly because they are a common attraction for identity theft and scams. It's not a new trend and has been going on for a while, so the high-risk status of the real estate industry won't be changing anytime soon. Hence, it's better if you figure out how to get a merchant account for your real estate company.

Denied by Other Credit Card Processors?

If you have already been turned down by a credit card processor or have been told that you're deemed a high-risk merchant, there's still hope for you. Thankfully, there are several reliable and trustworthy merchant account providers that deal with high-risk scenarios and specialize in exactly what you are looking for. You can definitely get a merchant account for your high-risk business.

What you need to understand is that while one credit card processor may deem you high risk, another may not. This is due to the fact that deeming a merchant high risk depends on the underwriting guidelines. If these guidelines are strict, you probably won't get approved. However, if the guidelines are not strict, you can easily get yourself a merchant account.

If the provider you're looking at specializes in high-risk services, your chances are already looking up. You'll probably get approved and get that merchant account for your business.

Risk Analysis of the Real Estate Business

Real estate is a risky business, whether you're a broker, running a company, or working in investment. If you're a merchant working in the real estate industry, you'll know that finding a viable processing solution is a difficult thing to do and it has been like this for a while.

A good merchant account service such as this one will provide the solution to this problem and set you up with a suitable merchant account. You will be able to expand your business and continue managing your successful company. The service will also assist you in mitigating any risk that is associated with the real estate industry.

It's no surprise that real estate is deemed high risk, but the main reason for this is much different than the other businesses considered high risk.

Real estate is high risk because all of the transactions are high ticket. This is also a common business type that attracts identity theft and criminal attention as discussed before, and that's why it can be difficult to get a merchant account.

Online Merchants

Like many other businesses, real estate is also relying on the digital currency and the day-to-day running of this industry is shifting towards online processing, which isn't a real surprise. If you're looking to run a real estate company which is online based, you're doing the right thing and it's really the way forward.

Just look at all the online apps and websites that have popped up recently that you can use to look for desirable properties to purchase or rent. Online is much more convenient and it's where you'll be able to nurture your real estate company properly.

However, the problem with online merchants is that it's difficult to gain trust, especially if you're a startup. Another reason why your industry is known as high risk is the high instance of fraud or chargebacks. You could also have poor credit, but that's not your fault and that is why a good merchant account service provider will work with your high-risk business.

Domestic and Offshore Options

Another decision you'll have to make is whether you want a domestic merchant account or an offshore one. Since underwriting guidelines are different in different regions of the world, getting an offshore merchant account can sometimes be a necessity.

A domestic merchant account is definitely preferred because it offers more security as well as lower rates, but in some cases, it's not just a matter of low risk vs. high risk and offshore accounts may be the only viable option. That may not always be the case for real estate, but most risky industries have to rely on offshore merchant accounts.


The truth is that most high-risk online merchants have to deal with much crappier terms and higher rates. It's like you're caught, as an online merchant, between a rock and a hard place, so there's not much room for negotiation. Nevertheless, you can make sure that you're dealing with an ethical processor by reviewing the details of the contract properly.

If you make sure to read the contract, you'll be able to avoid all the unethical options that are ready to take advantage of you and your situation if you let them.

Simply speaking, what you need to do is find a merchant account provider that is fully accepting and willing to work with your business. It should be prepared to offer you fair rates and terms and not forget about your existence as soon as you sign up. You'll find that this service offers all of that and much more and is the perfect way to move forward if you want to avail credit card processing for your business.

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