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Merchant Account for Firearm Dealers (Ammo, Guns, Survival Gear, etc.)

Merchant Services We Provide

The rise in demand for merchant accounts can simply be accredited to the popularity of ecommerce. Electronic commerce (or ecommerce for short) has completely revolutionized trading by using a worldwide computer network i.e. the internet to link all parts of the world together and bring merchants and traders within a click of each other. People opt for ecommerce transaction methods because they are quick, secure, safe, and easy to track. As a result, it is now expected of all startups to be as ecommerce friendly as possible. Newly established organizations and business ventures tend to meet this criterion by opening up merchant accounts.

A merchant account is one banking option that makes it possible for your business venture to receive payments made via credit and debit cards. Even though it is a need of our time (and not a luxury, as previously thought), banks aren't required by the law to facilitate you with a merchant account. Technically speaking, credit card processors like PayPal are well within their rights to deny you a merchant account without offering a word in justification. This can prove to be impossible for new businesses to cope with as they see even their most loyal customers forced to do business with their rivals just because they accept credit cards.

In a high-risk industry such as firearms dealing, the scrutiny and regulations make it even worse for new startups to plant their feet in the industry. This is why we have decided to throw our support behind newly formed companies operating in firearm sales. We want our clients to be well equipped and well placed to make a name for themselves in the market and increase their list of customers exponentially. Our list of services for firearms dealers is discussed in detail below.

Online Merchants

First things first, due to the nature of the industry they are currently a part of, it can be very challenging for firearm dealers to survive in the market. Due to the political unrest caused by mass shootings, there is a high tendency for businesses to drop firearm agencies from their clientele just to boost their PR. Thus, it is very likely that a significant number of your clients will migrate to your rivals just because they accept Visa and MasterCard. To be completely honest, there is no way that you can turn that around unless you get a merchant account for your business. This is where we step in. We make the process of getting a merchant account as swift and effortless as possible.

It is also essential for you to set up a payment gateway for your startup as soon as possible. Your gateway just makes it possible for your business to accept payments made by your customers via credit and debit cards. It's high time we address the elephant in the room, which is the fact that guns cost a small fortune. Depending on the finishing and the caliber, they can cost from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars. It would be impractical of you to think your clients will pay for your products via cash. There's a high possibility that all of your dealings will be done via payment cards. Hence, for every second that your organization doesn't have a payment gateway, you stand to lose thousands of dollars. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that you opt for a viable payment gateway as soon as possible.

For firearm dealers, we recommend opting for our High Risk Payments. We have highlighted this option not only because it is very gun-friendly but also because it can equip you with everything that you need to take the market by storm. What we love about this Arizona-based outlet is that it provides facilities like deposit capture, call center services, multiple currency support, web design, and even search engine optimization (SEO) assistance.

The next thought that your firm must entertain is the possible benefits of using a recurring billing scheme on your official website. Subscription-based billing makes it easier for you to charge your clients automatically for their monthly or weekly subscriptions. For example, if you have a customer who orders a specific amount of bullets every month, you can add this client's name to the recurring billing scheme and the computer will automatically generate a bill for this individual on a monthly basis. This saves you from going through the hassle of entering the same transaction again and again at the beginning of every month.

We also advise our clients to go for multiple underwriting options. The common misconception that people harbor against using multiple underwriting banks is that it increases the risk percentage of their firm in an already high-risk industry, which makes their organization more likely to be flagged by the authorities. We are here to tell you that not only does using multiple underwriting banks not increase your risk percentage, but it can also actually help you reduce the risk associated with your business which, in turn, allows you to get more clients and net more profit.

In an industry that sparks a debate every time it is mentioned, there is no getting around the fact that media outlets are biased towards firearm dealers. Often treated like the scourge of the world, we feel that firearm selling agencies do not get the respect they deserve for always behaving ethically. This is one of the chief reasons we have decided to help them. We understand that they are under a lot of regulations that they must adhere to at all times. Despite being so restricted, we feel that firearm dealers can still make a hefty profit if they are pointed in the right direction. We believe that by opting for our services, you will be placing the future of your organization in expert hands.

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