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Merchant Account for Escorts and Adult Dating


Having the wrong merchant account for your escort or adult dating service can lead to failure. In fact, it's one of the common reasons why many startups in this industry fail. The industry of adult dating and escort services is very competitive, and the features offered on the website are crucial if you want to attract the right customers. This is why you need to think long-term and go for a merchant account that is ideally suited for your escort service or adult dating site.

Many business owners make the mistake of picking the first credit card processor that would take them and end up paying high rates for poor services. Choosing a merchant account for your escort service or adult dating site is important, so be sure to make the right decision.

Denied by Other Credit Card Processors?

The risk is high in this industry and you can probably imagine why. Even so, we'll get into the risk involved later. The fact is that banks don't take this industry seriously despite its success and competitiveness. Due to this, many banks deem escort services and adult dating sites high risk and their application gets rejected.

After rejection from most credit card processors, these businesses end up signing up for the very first service provider that approves their application. At that time, it seems like a good deal because something is better than nothing, right?

However, over time, the business owner realizes that they're simply paying too much in high fees. They also realize that there are many services and features that they are missing out on. Getting rejected by credit card processors can be disappointing, but it's important to do your homework and look for the best merchant account provider that is available.

There are several good credit card processors that deal with high-risk businesses, so you don't have to pay over the top fees and settle for less.

Risk Analysis of the Escort Industry

The reason many banks consider escort services and adult dating sites as high-risk businesses is that they're easy targets for scams and identity thefts. The cases involving such fraud are too many and that's why this business is a risky one. Chargebacks are also very common in adult dating sites and that's also why banks rate this industry as risky.

That said, the number of frauds hasn't stopped the industry from growing and becoming a competitive one. To make sure you survive in this competitive industry, you'll need to find a good merchant account that is ideal for your line of work and fulfills all of your clients' requirements.

Online Merchants

Online dating is one of the most popular activities on the internet these days. It's not a surprise that most activities are now done online, be it shopping or looking for a lover. Online is all about convenience, and that's exactly what your customers are looking for when they visit your online dating website. Fortunately, you can offer them the convenience they need in the payment department by using a merchant account that will provide a virtual terminal for the transaction to take place.

Type of Merchant Account Required

Of course, by now, you already know that you need to have a merchant account if you run an escort service or online dating site, but not all merchant accounts are the same. Knowing what type of merchant account you need depends on the needs of the service you're offering.

Knowing what features and services to look for when searching for a merchant account will make your search beneficial and comprehensive.

While some merchant accounts will tell you that paying application and setup fees (if you're a startup business) are necessary, that's not the case. In fact, there are many great services such as this one that let you apply without asking for any fees.

Good customer service is essential because it's important that as a client, you should feel like picking up the phone and asking their customer service to deal with any problems. This happens when the customer service is friendly. Make sure that the people running your merchant account are capable of dealing with any issues effectively.

Having the right merchant account will let you receive payments through a virtual terminal without a card or signature needed. This is a necessary service that you need to look for in a merchant account.

Recurring billing is a convenient way to accept recurring payments from your regular customers. It makes life easier for you and for the paid members of the site.

Most of the business is done on the go these days, so having a mobile app for your merchant account will benefit your business. Thus, be sure to look for that.

Members often decide to initiate chargebacks especially when it comes to escort services and adult dating sites. This is one of the reasons many processors reject dating websites.

Domestic and Offshore Options

At some point, you may also have to decide between an offshore account and a domestic one. While having an offshore may seem like a more lucrative choice, having a domestic account is much more secure and will cost you less. In some cases, an offshore account is the only option. This is common in businesses that are extremely risky as even those processors that deal with high-risk accounts tend to stay away. In any case, a domestic option is the better choice.


Having dealt with several dating services and escort services over the years, this service has the best experience in dealing with the needs of your industry. We'll make sure that your business is a success and that all your credit card processing needs are taken care of. If you are looking for a great merchant account for your escort business or startup dating site, this is the service you want.

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