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Merchant Services We Provide

Electronic commerce has completely revolutionized the trading industry. Nowadays, people do not have to travel thousands of miles just to conduct a simple business transaction. By making use of a computer network that spans worldwide (i.e. the internet), ecommerce has been successful in linking different ends of the globe. Now merchants can transfer large sums of money directly to the concerned party (which can be thousands of miles away) without leaving the premises of their homes. Not only that, but traders also receive notifications online that their transaction was successful and that they can now rest easy knowing that a complex business deal has been wrapped up within seconds.

To sum up the charm of ecommerce in a few words, one can say that it is fast, safe, and extremely reliable. Due to these benefits, all startups are required to be ecommerce friendly. If they refuse to keep with the times, they will most definitely lose their clients to a rival that offers online transactions. To avoid such a scenario, newly formed organizations are instructed to set up merchant accounts.

In simple words, a merchant account allows your new business venture to accept the funds sent by your customers via payment cards such as debit and credit cards. It is an open secret that most clients now opt for using payment cards instead of cash because of the advantages mentioned above. To survive in the industry, your business must be able to accept funds via online transactions, which is exactly what merchant accounts are for.

However, it can be tough for new businesses to get their hands on a merchant account. Not only is the application process quite cumbersome, but there is also no guarantee that your application will be accepted. This problem is not felt more by any other business venture than cannabis retailers. Due to the stigma associated with drugs, most cannabis CBD Oils MMJ HEMP 420 retailers will see their applications for a merchant account be rejected. That is where we step in.

We do not want to see our clients lose their footing in the industry just because they do not accept Visa or American Express cards. This is why we have decided to help our clientele by making the process of getting a merchant account as seamless as possible. A detailed summary of our services for cannabis retailers is discussed below.

Online Merchants

Setting up a merchant account can be quite difficult for newly established organizations. This can be doubly difficult for cannabis CBD Oil MMJ HEMP 420 retailers as banks do not look favorably upon this industry. Popular credit card processors like PayPal are well within their rights to deny cannabis retailers a merchant account without any justification. We make sure that your business venture does not suffer a major setback in its initial stages as we try to make the entire process of getting a merchant account as smooth and swift as possible.

Another reason you should opt for our services rather than those of our rivals is that we know every single trick in the book. For example, what our rivals will not tell you is how you can make things easier for your business by opting for a recurring billing scheme on your website. Subscription-based billing makes it convenient for you to charge your clients automatically from your website. This is ideal for those clients who have the same weekly or monthly product demands as you do not have to manually process their applications every single time and can use a recurring billing scheme to simplify things for your newly formed organization.

Before you can receive funds online, you must also set up a payment gateway for your merchant account. Your gateway makes it possible for you to receive online funds. Payment gateways should not be confused with virtual credit card terminals. Your online payment gateway basically makes it possible for the payments from your customers to reach your bank's processor, while a virtual credit card terminal is just another way of accepting credit cards. These virtual terminals allow you to access your accounts online and from here, you must manually enter each credit card sale. We recommend using us High Risk Charge for medicinal marijuana providers. Not only does it accept businesses operating in this industry, but it also welcomes clients with a good credit score.

Cannabis retailers should also consider using multiple underwriting banks. Underwriting is just a detailed analysis of the credit score of an account. This helps banks make a well-informed decision when it comes to accepting or rejecting loans. At the center of every underwriting is credit history. Your credit history is a record of your past repayment of debts. A good credit history shows that you have always repaid your debts within the pre-agreed duration. This, in turn, promotes goodwill for future transactions. However, if you have a horrible credit score, you are less likely to receive a loan from any bank or firm in the future. This is why we offer credit repair services to our customers so that they can always get the loan that they need to take their business ventures to the next level in the industry.

It is an open secret that all medicinal marijuana providers operating in the market today make use of merchant accounts to facilitate a significant chunk of their transactions. Thus, it is a basic necessity of the industry to make use of these trading options. By choosing for our reliable services, you are basically making sure that your promising startup in the field of cannabis CBD MMJ HEMP Oil 420 Retailers does not simply stay afloat but also thrives in an ever-changing market.

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