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Merchant Account for Annual Contracts and Auto & Home Warranty Companies

Merchant Services We Provide

Ecommerce has completely revolutionized the trading market. A byproduct of ecommerce's meteoric rise in popularity has been an increase in the demand for merchant accounts. These trading options simply make it possible for your startup to accept your clients' funds via payment cards such as debit and credit cards. Most people prefer using these cards for all of their business transactions because not only are they safe and reliable, but they are also very fast and don't require you to leave the comfort of your home to transfer funds. Also, modern online banking makes it possible for you to track your money, which is an added incentive.

However, just because your newly formed organization requires a merchant account, it does not mean that the top banks in the world are required by the law to cater to your needs. Credit card processors like PayPal can reject your application for a merchant account without so much as a word in justification. This makes the task of making your business ecommerce friendly even more cumbersome than it already is.

If you're in the business of providing annual contracts to your clients such as auto and home warranties, there is a high chance that most of your customers will opt to pay you for your services via credit and debit cards. Thus, every second that you don't accept this medium of payment, you run the risk of losing your clientele to your rivals. This, to us, is simply unacceptable. We, thus, try to make the process of getting a merchant account as smooth as possible for our clients which, in turn, enables them to plant their feet firmly in the open market and flourish as an organization. A detailed description of our services for online merchants is discussed below.

Online Merchants

The first reality that all annual contract providers must accept is that they need to set up a payment gateway as soon as possible. Your payment gateway makes it possible for your client's money to reach your organization's account. Without a payment gateway, you cannot accept funds transferred via credit and debit cards. While we're on the topic of payment gateways, we feel it's crucial to tell you that they should never be confused with virtual credit card terminals. These virtual terminals just allow you to access the central bank's processor. Once here, you must enter every credit card transaction manually. Hence, there is a subtle yet definite difference between the two trading terms. You should also understand that no option is better or worse than the other. The importance of each option is relative to its context.

We urge annual contract providers to opt for a viable payment gateway option that has a spotless record in the industry. Due to the high-risk nature of their business, not all payment gateways are open to them. This can cause them to lose even their most loyal customers merely because they do not accept Visa or MasterCard. However, the good news for auto and home warranty providers is that there are plenty of other gateways that welcome high-risk clients with open arms. For annual contracts providing companies, we recommend opting for us, Merchant High Risk Charge. Even we are astonished by the quantity and quality of services offered by this payment gateway. It even provides its clients with a quick and secure access to accept funds via services such as Visa and MasterCard. Other than that, it also has a potent virtual terminal setup and offers the highest quality of retail and online credit card processing, which sets it apart from its direct rivals in the industry.

We also recommend our clients who provide annual contracts to their customers to use a recurring billing scheme on their website. As they are annual service providers, we feel that they will benefit significantly if they opt for a subscription-based billing on their web page. A recurring billing scheme only bills clients for the services after the preset interval of time has elapsed. This makes it the ideal choice for auto and home warranty companies whose customers renew their contracts annually. These companies can use subscription billing to avoid entering the customer's name in the book again and again and save themselves a considerable amount of time and energy.

As a provider of annual contracts, you should think long and hard before choosing either offshore or domestic banking options. Most people select a domestic account because it offers low rates and excellent security. However, certain types of overseas deals can only be completed if you have an offshore business account. Thus, before making a decision that can impact your business model in the long run, it is crucial that you go over this aspect with your trading partners in detail, rationally analyze each option, and make a well-educated decision instead of a foolish one.

We understand that by reading the above paragraphs, you may be having second thoughts about pursuing your interest in this industry. We are here to tell you that even though it is a tough beast to tame, once you have mastered it, there is no doubt that the rewards are supreme. One thing that we recommend all of our potential clients to do is opt for an organization that knows its way around the ropes and wouldn't be using your company as an experiment to try their hand in an unknown industry. In the field of annual contracts, even the slightest changes in the market can cause such a huge ripple effect that it can topple even the most well settled and established organizations. Should you choose to opt for our services, we can make things easier and simpler for you while giving you regular updates on how to adapt to the fluctuations in the market and always stay afloat.

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